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Liquid Roof EPDM Coating

Awarded Top 10 Product in 2009 by Metal Roofing Magazine

About EPDM Coatings

We’d like to first thank you for visiting EPDM Coatings. For our current customers you already know the great reputation liquid epdm has had throughout the marketplace and we value your business. For those of you visiting us for the first time we would like to point out; Liquid EPDM rubber has been the only do-it-yourself choice for our customers, not for 5 year or even 10 years but in fact for over 25 years Liquid EPDM has been protecting roofs. It’s key strengths is its long-term durability and its unique catalyzation bond as well as affordability. As with other roof coatings you quickly discover they are thin; almost “paint-like” and require primers and multiple finishing coats. Liquid EPDM has the consistency of honey and as such requires only one layer of topcoat. Proudly made in the U.S.A. and always free shipping.

What is actually EPDM Rubber?

EPDM is really not new; in fact many of the items in our house have some percentage of EPDM such as our garden hoses, the radiators in our cars and gaskets around our freezers. EPDM is so widely used because it is tough extremely resistant to extreme high and low temperatures. If you would like more information on the history of epdm visit Wikipedia.

Top Choices for Choosing Liquid EPDM

The Only Liquid EPDM in the World - EPDM Coating
  • Ease of application-75% of our customers apply the product themselves
  • The only product to our knowledge to waterproof just after application
  • If your roof ponds you will love this; year-round resistance to ponding
  • Only requires one application
  • We doubt you live in these conditions but here are the temperatures it will take -60 °F - 400 °F
  • When fully dry it will produce a smooth membrane avoiding the need to worry about seams ever again
  • Here are a few environmental factors it defeats.
    • Acid rain
    • UV
    • Ozone
    • Water, steam and dew
    • Weathering
    • Extreme temperature changes

No matter where you live

Whether you live in a area with snow blizzards and scorching summers Liquid EPDM is so flexible and will adjust to any weather condition. As far as other roofing sealants well let’s just say they crack under pressure.

Why Slower is Better

Slower is better when it comes to drying of Liquid EPDM (the curing process). When a sealant dries quickly, which might sound like a benefit it actually is not because air can get trapped beneath the coating which eventually results in cracking. It can even cause bubbling and separation. With Liquid EPDM during the curing process you will see small bubbles rise to the surface. As the product cures those bubbles will disappear. Why is this so important? Well this is the unique chemistry behind Liquid EPDM; those small bubbles coming to the surface is the; otherwise trapped air being released. As the product dries what is left is a chemical bond between your roof and the coating. The result is essentially a new roof for a fraction of the cost.

Application and the weather

As with any roofing product the surface needs to be perfectly dry before applying. Simply mix a catalyst with the Liquid EPDM for 5-7 minutes and you are ready to apply. The only caution is that Liquid EPDM will not cure unless the daytime temperatures reach 50 degrees. You can certainly apply it at any temperature bearing in mind that the cure continues only when the temperature passes 55. The product also needs oxygen to cure so you really don’t want to use the product as a glue to adhere existing sheet epdm rubber. For those of us in areas where a sudden shower is probably; you will love this. You can literally get down off your roof from applying the product and get a light shower and your roof is already protected. Try finding another roof sealant that will do that.

EPDM Coating - EPDM Cost Summary vs. The Competition

Liquid EPDM has been touted as hands down product for the roofing industry in numerous reputable publications including Article Insider and Roofing Classified and Fine Home Building Magazine.